Instagram Feed Gallery v1.2.1 – Grace for WordPress

Instagram Feed Gallery v1.2.1Instagram Feed Gallery – Grace for WordPress Free Download 1.2.1 – CodeCanyon | Instagram Feed Gallery v1.2.1 – Grace for WordPress is a premium WordPress plugin designed for creating a very graceful Instagram feed media walls of Instagram public posts. Instagram Feed Gallery WordPress Theme lets you aggregate and stream posts of Instagram hashtags, accounts and locations. Customization possibilities of Grace are so rich and most powerful that you can easily change and setup almost each and every aspect of your own Instagram feed galleries. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored AdsGrace’s customization capabilities are so rich and strong that almost every part of your Instagram feed gallery can be updated and set up. Imagine that you can recolor your Instagram message, reposition elements, alter various design layouts, and so on! We believe we have produced the most advanced and beautiful feed aggregator for Instagram on the market.

Demo Instagram Feed Gallery

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