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Lumise Product Designer v1.9.7Lumise Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress Free Download 1.9.7 – CodeCanyon | Lumise Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress v1.9.7 is the professional product designer tool created by HTML5+ JavaScript technologies is Lumise. It is a result of Envato’s King-Theme and Elite Author. Lumise is designed to concentrate on the customer experience and provide the print service store with an all-in-one breakthrough solution. In addition, it has several powerful unique features and a top-friendly GUI to make it easy to design some ideas for your users. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored AdsLumise works as an application and is user-friendly. Before that we are theme providers, so we know what’s best for clients. Together with Lumise, let’s rock!Lumise can run as a genuine native app on mobile and tablet devices, which are popular with customers. You can get an order from your website on any smartphone.Lumise Filter is a flexible app for making local changes to your images. The philtres are named after a type of philtre used in landscape photography to make skies darker, but their uses go far beyond that.

Demo Lumise Product Designer

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