Coder v1.0.0 – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor

Coder v1.0.0 Coder is a simple and flexible syntax highlighting WordPress plugin for Elementor based on lightweight and robust prism.js library. Even the basic Coder widget settings provide a pretty and readable code-appearance. It supports more than 200 Programming, Scripting, and Mathematical Markup Languages with 30+ different style themes. Moreover, you can easily add code on the page from external sources like BitBucket or GitHub using the URL. The product contains everything for your convenience and even more.
Coder v1.0.0Coder – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor Free Download 1.0.0 – CodeCanoyn | Coder v1.0.0 – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor is a simple and versatile syntax that highlights Elementor’s Lightweight and Strong Prism.js plugin. Even the coder widget settings have a good and readable appearance of code. More than 200 Programmatic, Scripting, and Mathematical Benchmark Languages with more than 30 different themes are provided. You can also add code from external sources such as BitBucket and GitHub on the page simply by using the URL. All in the package is for your comfort and even more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored AdsOther features can help to enhance and adapt the code block to different tasks: line numbers, lines highlighted, inline color views displayed in style boards, copy code add-on, and many more.The Coder widget Nulled may be used for the creation, course or training, documentation, administration, or even math or science analysis of different types of WordPress Web sites.

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