KALLYAS v4.0.9 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

KALLYAS v4.0.9 is completely incredible and flexible web theme that is especially designed for real estate, brico, university or agency, furniture shop, nonprofit, hotel, a school, fitness, interior, even for church and so many other related fields. It is an awesome adventure web design and developers are thrilled when they see their work, used in so many domains and industries.
KALLYAS v4.0.9 is a Responsive Multi-Purpose Premium WordPress Theme. This Theme is one of the most complete theme ever made! It’s a premium, rich featured Multi-purpose WordPress Theme, built for today’s websites. Download Previous version of This WordPress theme KALLYAS v4.0.1 Responsive Multi-Purpose Premium WordPress theme.

KALLYAS v4.0. Without a doubt (and modesty), KALLYAS v4.0. is one of the most complete theme ever made! It’s a premium, rich featured Multi-purpose WordPress Theme, built for today’s websites.

We found our theme used for so many niches, it’s incredible how flexible the theme is, whether for real estate, hotel, furniture shop, fitness, brico, interior, a school, university or agency, even church and nonprofit and so many other fields. It’s an awesome adventure and we’re thrilled when we see our work, used in so many domains and industries.

Creating a website is easier than ever. All this with our custom
built page builder and Kallyas, which is built around it.

It can make your work much more enjoyable and also time-saving!

KALLYAS v4.0.9 Update History
UPDATE 4.0.9 / 15.12.2015
General overall code improvements
Added: Kallyas Dashboard and new Setup tour, containing Dummy/Sample data import, Theme update setup and other features
Added: One Page Demo
Added: Better color management and dark skin styles for theme and individual page builder elements
Added: New element – Custom Menus, providing ability to add a menu anywhere
Added: New element – Custom HTML (accepting CSS and JS too)
Added: New element – Countdown
Added: options to hide the header and footer
Added: option to override Boxed layout
Improved: Multiple targets types (smooth scroll, modal image, modal iframe etc.) for all elements using a link anchor
Improved: WooCommerce products, new Option to hide sale badge
Improved: custom color for bottom masks
Improved: Print styles
Improved: Added embed iframe source for IosSlider element
Improved: Dynamic lists now have image previews on hover
Improved: Register/Forgot password system, now WooCommerce friendly
Improved: CSS3 Panels elements option to disable css flexbox
Improved: Login/Register panels UI and UX
Improved: Testimonials slider/fader now have autoplay options
Improved: New option to override Page’s Title font-family options
Improved: New option to scroll pricing tables horizontally on responsive devices
Improved: added link anchor option to Steps boxes 4
Improved: More options and customisations for Shop Presentation element
Improved: Language files
Improved: CSS animation for Product Action buttons
Improved: Yoast SEO compatibility
Improved: Added option for menu depth (limit) to Side by Side Menu Widget
Improved: Page builder switched to Barebone for better performance and speed
Improved: Footer nav to accept 2nd level
Improved: Font icon archive uploading
Improved: Added hash url’s for tabs
Improved: Added option to choose the re-captcha language
Improved: Contact form and re-captcha usability issues
Improved: Auto adding elements to newly created pages
Improved: autoplay option for Recent work carousel
Improved: Contact form new option – use sender’s email address to reply (dynamic)
Improved: Google maps custom centering coordinates
Fixed: Search products not finding products
Fixed: function call throwing fatal error in coming soon page
Fixed: Safari gradients and mask bugs
Fixed: Page options override theme options
Fixed: Social icons in coming soon page
Fixed: Several bugs caused by the CSS calc() property
Fixed: Subheader default style when none is selected
Fixed: Nivoslider autoplay
Fixed: TinyMCE throws error when the user disables rich editing for his account
Fixed: Woocommerce columns on 768px
Fixed: Revolution slider not working when option title had spaces
Fixed: Twitter widget insecure content
Fixed: Flickr widget loading
Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.1.4


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