Ferado v1.5 WooCommerce Fashion Theme – WordPress

Ferado v1.5. Ferado is Originally made to be a WooCommerce fashion web design but it can also be used for any kind of website purposes because it is more flexible for any purpose and can be customized easily for online shop, business pages, blog and many more.

Ferado v1.5 is a WordPress theme made for WooCommerce fashion shops with elegant vintage style. It is a powerful theme built with quality, usability and functional features. WooRockets Team creates and refines Ferado with modern designs and latest technologies, making it one of the the most advanced, premium WooCommerce Themes. Originally, Ferado is made to be a WooCommerce fashion theme but it can be flexible for any website purposes and be customized easily for online shop, blog, business pages and many more. Use Ferado now to bring your online business to next level!


### 2015.06.03 – 1.5
* Fix:   Problem with Breadcrumbs on shop page.
* Fix:   Wrong links after installing sample data.
* Tweak: Add new feature for installing sample data mechanism.

Demo Ferado